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Game of Thrones Season 8 : One Last time - The Final Season

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Game of Thrones Season 8

Relese Date : 14 April 2019 (USA)

  • Stark sigil is displayed directly upon Winterfell. Figurine becomes completely encased in ice excluding the head. (The North lose the battle against the NK army and retreat)
  • Lannister figure becomes completely engulfed in flames (House Lannister dies out)
  • Ice and Fire collide on The Riverlands (How appropriate that the final battle would be fought where CoTF first sealed the pack, also where The Battle of Trident took place and the Dance with Dragons was fought. As well as where the God's eye is located)
  • It's the feather Robert Baratheon left on Lyanna's statue in the first season, I think Sansa sees it with Littlefinger in the fourth too.

Rating:   IMDb  / 9.1
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Game of Thrones Season 8 Spoilers And Predictions

    The teaser shows three of the four surviving Stark children - Jon being treated as one here - walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death: the crypt under Winterfell where the family is traditionally interred. As they move through the dark, we see and hear whispers from the past. Ned Stark’s voice is heard saying to Jon that he may not have Ned’s name but he has his blood; this voice reminds us how deeply Jon is grounded in House Stark. It is the seat of his sense of self.

    At the same time, we see the statue of his mother, Lyanna, and notice that a feather falls from its hand. I had to do some digging, but the feather was placed there all the way back in Season One, when King Robert Baratheon, who loved Lyanna dearly, visited the crypt and placed it there - a tropical bird feather, which he had evidently carried all the way from King’s Landing for the purpose. And with the statue, we hear Lyanna telling young Ned that he must protect her baby.

    Sansa and Arya move through the crypt as well, returning to the very womb of House Stark. Clearly a major theme of this season is going to be how the destruction of House Stark achieved by its enemies in the first few seasons is resolved in the coming war. The message I take from it is that there will be justice for this noble and long-suffering Great House. However, the final moments remind us that not all of the family will necessarily survive.

    Each of them sees their own death-likeness, as though receiving a vision that they have already died. (But is it also a sign of hope that somebody would have to have been left alive to commission, carve, and place the statues?)

    As the chill wind blows out Jon’s torch - the death of Fire? - we are reminded in most ominous fashion that Ice is advancing from the broken Wall toward Winterfell, and will soon arrive like a mighty wind. Who can resist such a wind, and the Night King whose very face is Death?

    Our answer comes in the calm and determined way that Jon draws Longclaw and Arya, Needle; while Sansa stands foursquare and solid between them, Lady Stark of Winterfell like a guiding angel protecting them with the mantle of Family.

    House Stark faces the ghosts of their own past this coming season; and lest we forget, the entire North faces Death as well. The fate of the world may well be decided by the Starks of Winterfell, although the battle we may expect early in Season Eight will surely not decide the war.

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  • A Glimpse of the Future?: In Stark family, the family members don't get statue until they are a martyr. And Strange thing was that they were wearing the same clothes as of their statues.Was some past craftsman granted a vision of the future, carving these statues as a message to a future generation of Starks? Or maybe the Starks commission these statues themselves, assuming they won't be returning to Winterfell alive?
  • Back to the Beginning: The new teaser is set in the crypts underneath Winterfell. Apart from being just the sort of icy, somber setting you'd expect for a season where the dead are invading the rest of the continent, this helps reinforce the notion that Game of Thrones is coming full circle in 2019 final season.
  • Where's Bran?: There's one surviving Stark sibling who's conspicuously absent in this teaser. However, it's also possible that Bran's absence is a foreboding sign of things to come. Perhaps he'll be the next Stark to fall? Fans have speculated that Bran Could be the Night King, and the feather freezing could be a symbolic tease towards that fate.
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Game of Thrones Season 8 full spoilers and predictions.

There are loads of “spoilers” out there concerning Season 8 but none of them have anything to really back them up. We do know from cast interviews that security was super tight this year both because it was the final season and there was a major plot point leak for season 7. As I understand it, only the directors and main actors ever had access to full scene scripts. Extras and minor characters were never even given scripts they were fed lines on set. There were never actual paper scripts they were all electronic and super tightly controlled. It has even been said that false information had been given to some crew members. So basically not much hope of actual spoilers. There are some things you can glean from what we have seen though. There are shooting photos, taken from a distance, that seem to show three flaming swords fighting at the battle outside Winterfel. We saw sets that appeared to be Winterfel after being burnt. We saw sets that had previously been used as King’s Landing painted to look scorched. So not much to gather from those things. In past seasons lots of the leaks seemed to come from post production people, CGI, captioning, translators, etc. and that work is still ongoing so there is a small chance we might get something. However, there are rumors that much of the work is being split into small snippets and sent to different companies for completion so that nobody has too much information. Basically even if you wanted to be spoiled for Season 8 there is not much out there that is trustworthy. So just sit back and wait to be surprised!